Founded in 1808, La Farga is a metallurgy company that manufactures and sells semi-finished copper products and their alloys for the electrical, metal packaging, railway, tubes, automotive, billets and special conductors markets.
Present worldwide, we have three production plants in Spain, La Farga Lacambra, La Farga Tub, La Farga Rod, one in the US, SDI La Farga, and two copper pipe distribution centres, one in France (La Farga Tub France) and another in England (La Farga Limited).
We are a world leader in recycling technology and, thanks to our technology company, La Farga Intec, and its pending patent, we have sold our expertise in more than 30 plants worldwide. We also have three research centers that work constantly to innovate new products and develop applications in the area of copper and its alloys.

  • Conductores eléctricos
  • Automoción
  • Electrificación Ferroviaria
  • Earthing strands
  • Conductores especiales
  • Conductores eléctricos de alta tensión
  • Soldadura de envases
  • Macizos
  • Tubos de cobre

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