From now on, LA FARGA is the only commercial brand for the metallurgical holding

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From 2013 onwards all the La Farga Group brands come together under a single unitary brand name called LA FARGA. Our aim is to combine our efforts around the world using a name that has provided value for more than 200 years. As of this new year, LA FARGA will act as a single brand name for all the industrial companies of the metallurgical holding, however each of the industrial companies will retain its company name in order to perform all its daily fiscal and administrative procedures.

Why make this change? Mainly for four reasons that we believe to be important:

1. Because together we are stronger. Under the umbrella of the same brand name LA FARGA, we gain in terms of presence, of international vision, of dedication to service, of prestige and of position.

2. Because the name LA FARGA reflects our historical legacy as a manufacturing company, and in terms of our production plants, experience in the sector, industry and innovation.

3. Because we need a single powerful brand name. LA FARGA is the best candidate: everyone calls us this, everyone recognizes us as this, and this is how everyone spreads our reputation.

4. And finally, because we gain in agility, effectiveness and efficiency, i.e. we will become leaner!

To learn about our new brand and all the new features deriving from it, I invite you to visit

From now on, I would like you to call me LA FARGA.

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