Dx3 technology by La Farga: for the exhaustive quality control of contact wires

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La Farga presents Dx3 (Deep Defects Detector) technology to the railway market, to ensure exhaustive quality control in grooved contact wires. A technology protected (P201231691) by the metallurgy holding company and designed to detect small defects present inside the contact wire. This technology is applicable to all those materials with a conductivity greater than 60% IACS.

The technologies currently present on the market, such as "Eddy currents" for example, allow a high level of detection with external defects but not so with very deep flaws located inside materials. Dx3 broadens the scope of analysis and enables accurate control of the quality of these products during the manufacturing process, by discovering the possible defects that may arise inside and on the surface of the wire in real time.

"The Dx3 is becoming a revolution in the market thanks to its high performance in quality control. After a laboratory design phase, the technology is now 100% industrialisable. We should not forget that both the internal and external quality of grooved contact wire is vital to ensure maximum reliability in railway catenary systems. The Dx3 allows us to offer this reliability at 100% "said Carme Sáez, Director of Competitive Intelligence at La Farga.

"The DX3 technology, used in the La Farga industrial group's facilities in Spain and China, allows quality standards to be raised above existing international regulations and positions La Farga as a leader in the development of innovative non-destructive technologies for railway products," said Michael Garcia, Managing Director of La Farga Lacambra and La Farga Rod.

La Farga is a pioneer in the railway sector as a result of offering a full range of railway products that the market needs, and at the same time due to its policy of constant innovation. In 2012 it had a turnover of 1 billion euros, and has a presence in railway work in over 25 countries.

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