La Farga doubles its productive capacity on railway electrification

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 La Farga has been awarded three of the most relevant high-speed railway sector projects to be implemented during 2014-2015; Haramain High Speed Mecca-Medina (Saudi Arabia), Ligne Grand Vitese Tours-Bordeaux (France) and railway line connecting Metz, in the French Alsace region, and Strasboug. All requiring products of high technological content and a total installation of 1,100 km. 

Haramain High Speed Mecca-Medina project is a high-speed and double-track rail line of 449.2 km, aiming to connect holy Islamic cities Mecca and Medina through different cities and King Abdulaziz International Airport. The line is expected to transport three million passengers yearly at an average speed of 320 km/h and will benefit from La Farga’s exclusive railway technology. Its copper contact wire and copper alloys are designed to withstand speed up to 410 km/h and the country’s changing temperatures which rage from 0ºC to 50ºC.

LGV SEA and Metz-Strasbourg projects consist of a high-speed and double-track rail line of approximately 415 km between Tours and Bordeaux and 150 km between Metz and Strasbourg. Both French projects will also benefit from La Farga’s exclusive railway technology.

La Farga is currently supplying more than 2,000 km of high-speed and conventional rail lines electrification product. The Group’s latest investments on machinery and technical staff, valued at three million of euros, have allowed an increase of production; even doubling its alloy product capacity. La Farga is currently the main European manufacturer of railway electrification and high-speed rail lines.

The Group is currently working on the following railway projects:

  • Ligne Grand Vitesse LGV EST Metz-Strasbourg / 150 km double-tracked.
  • Ligne Grand Vitese SEA Tours - Bourdeaux / 415 km double-tracked.
  • AVE Medina del Campo - Salamanca / 50 km double-tracked.
  • Ligne Grand Vitese Maroc / 200 km double-tracked.
  • Haramain High Speed Mecca - Medina / 450 km double-tracked.
  • AVE Olmedo - Ourense / 400 km double-tracked.

We must also stress that La Farga’s rail products have recently obtained accreditation in Rumania, an important achievement for the company’s commercial strategic expansion to Eastern Europe.

As a pioneer in the railway sector and integrating the entire manufacturing process, La Farga offers a complete range of products without intermediaries. In 2013 the company reached a turnover of 898 million euros and achieved presence in the railway sector of more than sixteen countries. 

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