The Hermitage in Amsterdam Displays a Unique Copper Labyrinth in its Inner Courtyard

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The 100% recycled copper installation complements the “Dining with the Tsars Exhibition. Fragile beauty from the Hermitage”
The European Copper Institute, in collaboration with visual artists and designers Bart van Heesch and Emilie Kröner, has designed and installed a copper labyrinth in one of the fields in the inner courtyard of the Hermitage Amsterdam. The display complements the temporary “Dining with the Tsars Exhibition. Fragile beauty from the Hermitage”, open until March 2015. The labyrinth has a surface area of almost 100m2 and consists of a 450 metre-long copper pipe from La Farga, manually polished, sanded and designed with a wavy pattern from 100% recycled copper. The labyrinth will remain in the inner courtyard of the Hermitage Amsterdam until the end of the year.

The symbolism of labyrinths
In the 18th century – the time of Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great – a labyrinth was pre-eminently a courting game.

Many couples chased each other in such a garden design. As entertainment, it went together with the sumptuous balls and banquets hosted by the Czars in their palaces. A labyrinth was also a metaphor for life: there is always a path and one cannot get lost. In the past – and still today – labyrinths are employed for meditation and reflection.

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