Management changes at La Farga Tub

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As of January 2017, Jordi Magnet will be leaving his position as the General Manager of La Farga Tub, and in April 2017, his management era will finally come to an end, after 35 years with the company.

The new General Management team of La Farga Tub will be led by Manel Antequera, who until recently was the company’s Sales Manager. He is more than qualified for this position and has been with us for some 14 years.

Sales Management at La Farga Tub will be under the direction of Victor Parellada, who until now was the company’s Export Manager during the last 4 years.

All of these changes are effective from 1 January 2017 and reflect the La Farga policy of opting for internal talent in the company and enhancing company focus on client needs.


For further information please contact: La Farga: anna.guixa@lafarga or phone (+00 34)938504100 (Lidia Pujalte).

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