Inka Guixà, appointed Chief Executive of La Farga

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On Friday March 24th Inka Guixà Fisas was appointed as new Chief Executive of La Farga. As of this appointment, Inka Guixà becomes the organisation’s top executive, while Oriol Guixà continues in his post as Chairman and CEO at the head of the property interests and of the different stakeholders.

Oriol Guixà comments "With the appointment of this new position, the company is consolidating a dual leadership, thereby strengthening one of its mainstays as a family business. As the family protocol dictates, we are diversifying the leadership of the company in the full conviction that we are strengthening La Farga’s managerial base,  executive capacity and business efficiency as well as preserving the company-family binomial in order to make it sustainable in the long term”.

Inka Guixà thus assumes responsibility for La Farga’s profit and loss account at a consolidated level, for all the industrial companies that make up the metallurgical holding company. This duality reaffirms La Farga’s strategic positioning and its mission, vision and values.

Inka Guixà insists "We at La Farga are committed to creating value, and we believe in innovation as a means of generating new solutions. We strive to meet the expectations of our clients and of society, all by means of a business model that is responsible, sustainable and committed to people. We are a company with clear values that define us: innovation, enthusiasm, being ethically responsible and having a global mindset".

La Farga is a family-structured metallurgical company with more than 200 years of history, which manufactures over 191,894 tonnes of copper products per year and which has become a world leader in copper recycling technology. The current workforce is 347 people, with a turnover of over 887 million euros per year. Its main production centre is located in Les Masies de Voltregà (Osona), but it also has distribution companies in France and the United Kingdom. It exports 46% of its production. From a social point of view, it has the La Farga Foundation, which relates economic activity to the territory and involves the company socially. The Foundation manages the Copper Museum.

The company’s approach to the market goes beyond the production of copper and includes aspects such as technological assessment and the improvement of production processes. The company is governed by a family protocol. Since 1984 it has been run by one of the majority partners, Oriol Guixà, who is the CEO, and Inka Guixà has worked there since, first as international Director and then as Director of Strategic Planning, the only member of the next generation.


Inka Guixà Fisas’s CV

Born in Barcelona in 1981.

She has a degree in Business Administration and Management from ESADE and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Bachelor’s Degree & MBA).

She began her professional career in the Damm Group, then delved into the world of consulting with Antares Consulting and subsequently joined Novartis Pharmaceuticals SA. It was in 2009 that she joined the La Farga team, first as Expansion Director of the Metallurgical Holding Company to manage the research and analysis of business, market and/or product opportunities, managing the sale of the technology for the recycling process patent from copper coming from secondary material and the control and monitoring of foreign investments. In January 2012 she was appointed Managing Director of La Farga Intec, but after a year, in 2013, with the company’s new organisational structure focused on an international vision, she rose to become Managing Director of Strategic Planning and Management of the whole metallurgical holding company. Now, in 2017, she has been appointed Managing Director of La Farga, becoming the top executive of the metallurgical holding company.

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