Rigid strands for railway facilities

Class 2 rigid copper and copper alloy cables for catenaries, used in conventional and high-speed lines.

Their function is to withstand the weight of the system formed by the contact wire and the hangers and to help provide the system with electricity.

  • Cu-ETP (CW004A)
  • CuSn 0.2/0.4 (CW129C)
  • CuMg 0.3/0.5 (CW127C); (CW128C)
  • Connection cable: sections from 50 to 100 mm2
  • Hanger cable: sections from 70 to 300mm2
  • Feeder cable: sections until 500mm
  • Standard: NF C34-110, DIN 48201, UNE 207015, BS 7884 and customer specifications