Special cables, alloys

Special cables, alloys The need to provide copper with new properties without losing conductivity has led La Farga Lacambra to produce and develop new alloys.

As a result of an active policy of innovation and collaboration with universities and technology centres, La Farga produces and develops alloys with a high copper content and extensive mechanical and electrical features for different applications in the railway, aerospace, automotive and other sectors.

Our integrated production process is supported by a thorough, strict control of the quality of our products.



CuOF, oxygen free copper alloy

CuAg 0.1

CuAg 0.1, copper silver alloy

CuSn 0.2 / 2.0

CuSn 0.2 / 2.0, copper tin alloy

CuMg 0.2 / 0.5

CuMg 0.2 / 0.5, copper magnesium alloy
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