Study Grants and Financial Assistance

The La Farga Group Private Foundation Scholarship Access Conditions


The La Farga Group Private Foundation was created in 2004 under the name of the La Farga Foundation with the aim of creating value and wealth in the local area. Since its inception, the foundation has sought to act responsibly within the social and cultural sectors of the Osona region. In June 2017, the La Farga Group Foundation took over the Josep Moncusí Private Foundation, which is why the area of action has been extended to the Ripollès region.

The La Farga Foundation promotes, helps and participates in social, cultural and training initiatives.

In the field of training the La Farga Group Private Foundation awards scholarships that are divided into different categories. Each of these categories has its own application procedures, rules and budgets:

Scholarships for the acquirement of advanced-level academic certifications

  • La Farga scholarships.
  • Masies de Voltregà scholarships.
  • Sant Joan de les Abadesses scholarships.

Language scholarships for the acquirement of official certifications

  • La Farga language scholarships.
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