The Copper Museum

The Copper Museum is in La Farga, in an old building dating back to the begining of the twentieth century. It was opened in 2008 to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of La Farga.

The Museum is a cultural space that uses different resources to show the knowledge, the use and the applications that La Farga has made of copper throughout history on an industrial, economic and environmental level.

The conception, design and structure of the museum were made possible by cooperation between the Fundació La Farga and the University of Vic, which took over the museum and museum project.

For its part, La Farga opted to restore the old tower from the early nineties next to the industrial facilities of the company, the former residence of the Count and Countess Lacambra, as the site for the new museum space.

Currently, the Copper Museum offers guided tours and lesson plans tailored to the academic levels of primary school and secondary school groups, vocational training and universities.

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