Advanced materials

Our experience and technological knowledge in the field of copper and its high-performance alloys enable us to offer innovative solutions that suit the demanding needs of the industry and that require the constant development of new products and materials.

To do this, we work closely with universities and technology centres worldwide to develop new metal applications while improving the performance of existing products. We listen to the market and create products for its needs, talking to our customers and designing products to suit, researching into the benefits of copper and using them to offer the best products. A result of this are our advanced materials:

  • What is Ecocopper?

    ECOCOPPER products are made from 100% recycled material and help save resources and energy, while making less impact on the environment.

    Copper is one of the few materials that can be recycled indefinitely, maintaining its original quality and characteristics. 34% of the copper produced in the world comes from recycling and, of this figure, 41% is used in Europe alone.

    Through La Farga Lacambra, a pioneering company in recycling copper, we offer ECOCOPPER™ products that meet the needs of the semi-manufacturing industry that require a quality yet sustainable material.

  • We save resources and energy

    The La Farga Cosmelt Process is a pyrometallurgical process that produces no solid residue, removes all impurities from the copper and minimises environmental impact, as it reduces the number of steps involved in the recycling process. While other industries require a total of 3 production phases (through an electrolytic process that uses copper from mines), we combine the entire process in a single stage to favour environmental conservation. Comparing our process with traditional pyrometallurgical processes, the Cosmelt Process provides improvements in:

      • We recycle: copper greener, noble and pure

      No other method of recovery of recycled can not exceed the levels of aggression toward nature as Cosmelt Process. We do not pollute or destroy, recycle.

      • We clean the world

        • Sulphatycs solutions disappear, active sludge and slag anodic highly pollutant generated by the electrolytic refining process.
        • Avoid mining and natural resources.
        • It helps to protect the environment and create a culture of sustainable development.
      • Save resources and energy

        • We reduce by 86% the emissions of sulfur dioxide (SO²).
        • 4 times reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO²) in the atmosphere.
        • We reduce by 99% the generation of solid waste.
        • We consume 5 times less energy.
        • We reduce by 98% the consumption of water.
      • Less final cost

      As our system a closed and environmentally friendly, has no cost to humanity, our ecotasa tends to zero.

  • ¿In which products is it found?

    We supply ECOCOPPER™ in semi-manufactured form: wire rod, drawn wire and solids. Furthermore, together with our customers we design all products where ECOCOPPER™ is applicable in order to help create copper solutions with lower environmental impact but with the same qualities and characteristics as products using mined copper.

    Our ECOCOPPER™ products are applicable to the manufacturing of high, medium and low-voltage cables for data transmission, control and instrumentation, cables for the telecommunications industry, automotive cables, current limiters, plates and strips, holders for superconductors, wires for welding metal packaging, pipes for plumbing, gas and heating, piping for cooling and technical gases, copper solids, profiles and electroplating applications.

  • We decrease the carbon footprint

    The carbon footprint is a measure by which organisations become socially responsible and represent another element of awareness for the assuming of more sustainable practices. It seeks to quantify the amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions (equivalent CO ² measurements) that are released into the atmosphere from our daily activities or the sale of a product.

    This analysis covers all activities in its life cycle (from the purchase of raw materials to its waste management), enabling consumers to decide which products to purchase, based on the pollution generated as a result of processes through which it has passed. Given that the ECOCOPPER ™ production cycle is a closed cycle, the carbon footprint is 94% less than that of the same product made exclusively using copper ore. Therefore, as a responsible corporate group, we are constantly working on reducing greenhouse gases.

  • Sometimes, conventional design of catenaries does not allow for complex problems such as premature wear or the need for mechanical improvements to be tackled without excessively jeopardising electrical conductivity. In these cases, the design of materials for every situation is an extremely valuable tool.

    EVELEC™ copper meets this need. Micro-alloy based grooved contact wire improves wear resistance by between 30 and 50% compared with products commonly used in conventional lines.

    • EVELEC ™ presents an annealing temperature much higher than a copper ETP and even better than the 0.1 CuAg:

    • If we compare the EVELEC Copper Silver ™, you can consider EVELEC ™ as a material suitable for high-speed lines.

    • The essence of EVELEC ™ is copper, with a maximum of 99.93% for not severely affect the conductivity but increasing mechanical properties.

    • The annealing temperature is higher than EVELEC ™ and ETP Copper as microalloying, is superior even to Copper Silver, and thus has excellent thermal stability.

  • On analysing the most relevant aspects, we can ensure that EVELEC™ is a revolutionary product for the industry, given that:

    With a higher annealing temperature, EVELEC grooved contact wire:

    • provides lower expansion
    • has less wear
    • lasts longer when installed, thus saving on costs

    Furthermore, due to its better mechanical characteristics, it:

    • provides greater tensile strength, allowing more catenary tension and, consequently, increasing the speed of wave propagation to promote increased train speed.

These products are just an example of the efforts, devotion and experience of a team that continues to research, develop and innovate with such an old yet fine material as copper. We know that this metal still has a great deal for us to discover and, to do so, we have 3 research centres.