Donations, sponsorship and collaborations

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The Foundation contributes to the environment supporting, promoting and participating in cultural initiatives.


  • The Fourth year of the Vicenç Fisas I Comella award. The Vicenç Fisas i Comella Awards are held each year, and arise from the partnership pf the La Farga Foundation and the University Of Vic- Central University Of Catalonia Prior to 2018 the prize totalled €1,000; however it was increased last year to € 2,000.

    The aim of the award is to foster enthusiasm for research among the students. All those students from the University of Vic who obtained a “cum laude” in their final degree course project work may participate.

    The award-winning study must address one of the values promoted by the foundation: knowledge applied to local development, creativity as a basis for innovation and progress, and awareness with respect to environmental care and sustainability. This year the winner was Jordi Colom. 

  • The sixth year of the La Forja de l’Aram Award. The Vic School of Art and Superior of Design was the venue for the biennial La Forja de l’Aram awards ceremony. The La Farga Foundation presents these awards in its aim to promote training among students of Sculpture, Ceramics, Ephemeral Architecture and Artistic Forgery and Casting at the school, while enhancing their knowledge and bring copper into society. In 2018, the amount of the prizes awarded increased: € 1,200 for the winning piece and €600 for the second price.

    The winner of the first price in 2018 was Ester González, with the sculpture Kintsugi. The second prize was awarded to Ye Lei for her work Harmony. Railroad catenaries as a connecting element served as an inspiration for both artists.

    The La Forja de l’Aram awards arise from a cooperation agreement signed 10 years ago between the La Farga Foundation and the Vic School of Art.

    In 2018 the Copper Museum hosted the itinerant exhibition “The Common Thread”, a show that includes the winning pieces from the las five years of the La Forja de l’Aram awards.

  • Donation to the Comptes Lacambra School

    In 2018 the La Farga Foundation made a donation of €2,000 to the Comptes Lacambra School in Les Masies de Voltregà for teaching resources, such as tablets and materials for the computes studies room.

  • 10 years of the Copper Musem

    The 10th anniversary of the Copper Museum was celebrated in 2018, and given the priority we assign to training and our commitment to talent, the money that has previously been allocated for the celebrations was instead designated for training and talent management activities.

    The Copper Museum opened in 2008 and today it is a space dot the providing information on the use and applications that La Farga has made of copper throughout history in industrial, economic and environmental fields. The museum has educational programmes that combine a guided tour with additional activities that are designed to aid learning in a enjoyable way. 

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